FirstBio GmbH, Poststrasse 4
CH-8808 Pfäffikon, Switzerland

Tel. +41 (55) 415 56 46
Fax +41 (55) 415 56 95

ISO 9001:2000,BRC, Traceability and IFTA cerrtified.

FirstBio GmbH obtains the rabbits from its group company or integrated farms and processing plants.

If your research requires specifically defined animals, we will certainly attempt to locate a source and provide the specialized blood or tissue needed.

Broad terminology is used for simplicity and ease reading. Our customer service personnel have our Quality Assurance specifications, method of collection, animal data, and freezing and packaging standards. Please call them at + 41 (55) 415 56 46 if you need this specific information.

Products are individually frozen then bulk packaged in the unit size described. All products are derived from pools of healthy, fasted animals and are shipped frozen on dry ice. Minimum order amount is EUR 100.-.

The ability of FirstBio GmbH to respond to the specialized needs of individual investigators has resulted in an outstanding reputation. Considerable flexibility exists to isolate tissues not listed or to provide several choices of collection techniques, such as fresh on dry ice, solution washing, liquid nitrogen freezing, cry grinding and lyophilisation. Since these items will be not inventoried, our customer service personnel will quote an anticipated price and delivery time. A EUR 50.- additional charge will apply to most custom collections, however, special bulk and custom quotations will be calculated upon request.

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