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Acetone Rabbit Brain Powder (ARBP) and Rabbit Tissue Powders (RTP)

Acetone Rabbit Brain Powder is a source of biologically active compounds – thromboplastin, cephalin, and various endogenous proteins. It is prepared from brains stripped of the meninges, using the acetone dehydration method of Dr. Armand Quick, as modified by  Meinrad Odermatt and its specialists.

FirstBio GmbH. The light tan powder is lyophilized, coarse ground, and is soluble in water and saline.

FirstBio starts are operating at the production immediately (max. to 8 minutes) after at the brain exploitation after the slaughtering.

Product Pack size Code #
Rabbit Brain Acetone Powder
From fresh, non-frozen brains 1 gm 188132
From fresh, non-frozen brains 10 gm 188133
From fresh, non-frozen brains 200 gm 188134
From fresh, non-frozen brains 1 kg 188135
From fresh-frozen brains 1 gm 188136
From fresh-frozen brains 200 gm 188137
From fresh-frozen brains 1 kg 188138
Powder designed for more 200 gm 188139
Standard Tissue Powders and Extractions
Rabbit lung, freeze-dried 25 gm 188150
Rabbit lung, freeze-dried 100 gm 188151
Rabbit Brain Cephalin 5 ml 188152
crude extract    
Rabbit Brain Phospholipids 25mg 188153
Rabbit Thymus Acetone Powder 5mg 188154
Rabbit Thymus Acetone Powder 100mg 188155
Rabbit Thymus Nuclear Antigen Extract 2ml 188156
Rabbit Thymus Nuclear Antigen Extract    
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