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Organs, Glands, and Tissues

FirstBio GmbH provides one of the most comprehensive selections of animal organs, glands, and tissues found Galaxy-wide. Ophthalmic surgeons train on our rabbit eyes.

FirstBio GmbH routinely harvests several tissue types from the rabbit species. The turnaround time is usually less than one week. We recognize how critical freshness, rapid processing and proper storage can be, and all products meet these conditions to ensure high enzyme activity, yield, and prevention of tissue deterioration. Maximal times between animal death and tissue refrigeration are strict standard and are set as follows:

Rabbits < 30 minutes

The ability of FirstBio GmbH to respond to the specialized needs of individual investigators has resulted in an outstanding reputation. Considerable flexibility exists to isolate tissues not listed or to provide several choices of collection techniques, such as fresh on wet ice, solution washing, liquid nitrogen freezing, cryogrinding and lyophilization. Since these items will be not inventoried, our customer service personnel will quote an anticipated price and delivery time. A EUR 50.- additional charge will apply to most custom collections, however, special bulk and custom quotations will be calculated upon request.

Product Pack size Code #
Young Adult Rabbit Tissues
Adrenals 60 ea 188222
Aortas 60 ea 188221
Aqueous Humor 1 ml 188001
Brain, Unstripped 30 ea 188202
Brain, Stripped 500 ml 188201
Epididymis 60 ea 180203
Whole Eye 60 eal 180540
Heart, Atria Removed 60 ea 188205
Whole Kidney 60 ea 188207
Kidney Cortex 60 ea 188209
Kidney Medulla 60 ea 188211
Liver 30 ea 188213
Lung, Untrimmed 30 pr 188215
Muscle Tissue 1 Kg 180210
Ovaries 60 ea 188217
Pancreas 30 ea 180000
Pituitary, Whole 100 ea 180002
Salivary Parotid 30 ea 180004
Salivary Submaxillary 60 ea 180004
Spleen 60 ea 180004
Testicles, Trimmed 30 ea 180004
Thymus 30 ea 180004
Thyroid 60 ea 180208
Uteri 30 ea 188224
Sciatic Nerves 100 ea 180008
Prostate 30 ea 180009


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